Peter & Amanda(non-registered)
Jarvis did all the photography for our wedding this August. He was there for the entire day, capturing every moment of love, anticipation, beauty, fun and humor. Jarvis is truly gifted in how he builds relationships and interacts with people. He is a completely genuine person and we loved working with him. We were so impressed by his involvement, insight and suggestions. Multiple friends and family members have commented that his photographs are the most romantic wedding photos they've ever seen. We couldn't be happier. Thank you, Jarvis!
An outstanding, creative, and beautiful wedding photo gallery capturing another chapter in the lives of Steven and Laurissa! You and Kim make a dynamic duo and make so many people happy, may your talents continue to shine brightly!

I saw your link on a barefoot shoe rubber/sole review. So my question is about shoes not about photos however you have very nice photos! Very interesting.

Ok so I am not really a runner. But I have become a walker. And I am trying to leave the whole thick rubber soul standard running/athletic shoe world that basically exploded in the mid 70's when I was about 12. Waffle shoes/waffle trainers they called them at first because the inventors had started by pouring rubber into waffle makers and that is how they got their first new athletic shoe soles. Anyway I want to know if you know or who you know who would know, does vibram and or these barefoot shoe types, do they allow for grounding as in the electric connection to the earth thing? I guess that is called Earthing? That is my interest. I would like to have earthing shoes for work and for personal time, basically all the time. I'm not even really a greeny weenie as my friend calls the environmentalists. I do care about such things but more I am simply interested in my own physical well being. You sounded experienced in this world so I thought I would ask you for your take...thanks much for any time you have to respond. walt
you have a true talent for photography, you really are able to catch each persons beauty and essence in each photo
your photography is awesome! how much for lessons
Julie young(non-registered)
Amazing work at nelles wedding! You were a stealthy camera ninja half of the te and the rest we were pulling you into the pics too! Great having you from the prep through the party, now just be ready for the other 3 of us! :)
Nic Kafkas(non-registered)
Amazing work Jarvis! Keep it up!
Amanda Fadden(non-registered)
Jarvis, your photos are so creative and unique i can't get enough of them! You are beyond talented and I hope you continue to spread your digital love!
cynthia paradise(non-registered)
Jarvis you have done an incredible job with Michael and Nicole's engagement photos and the "teaser" photo of the wedding looks awesome! Can't wait to view them all. I will be sharing your name with everyone who has an event and wants creative and non-typical shots.
P.S. Your little "itty bitty" is adorable!
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